I will dance, I will dance a lot...

I will be the dancer in me.... I will pay attention, with all my senses, to the roads that still show me....

Rio Abierto

Rio Abierto translates to “open river” and is an experimental body work founded in Buenos Aires in 1966 by Maria Adela Palcos. Its goal is to help you strengthen your connection with your spirit and the spirit of others.


The diverse range of techniques are performed in a dynamic atmosphere, where music and feelings that flow freely through practitioners are transformed into physical expression and creative movements. 


Through the practice, the body's sensory experience intensifies and the mind begins to calm. The spirit awakens and the practitioners explore parts of themselves they may have forgotten, or are yet to discover, the energies of other humans and the life force that connects us all. 


Past life experiences and traumas stored within the body rise to the surface are released in the expression, as the story of each person's life is witnessed through their movements, in tensions, posture patterns and habits.

It is through practicing this transmutation of energy that people find a state of peace and harmony; where the mind, body and spirit are in balance. 


With life energies ignited and the mind clear of thoughts, you become perceptive to the new insights and opportunities as they come into awareness. The processing of the past makes room for the new. 


The methods in Rio Abierto are diverse: movements are performed with and without music. Exercises can be done alone, in pairs or in groups. Theatrical expression, relaxation, massage, dynamics and silence provide an array of techniques that can be used as part of your spiritual practice. 


“Rio Abierto is an invitation to a more fulfilling life, to more connection and less fear - all with the joy of music and movement”

... says Maria Adela

… this is what we are working on: 

∞ Bring awareness to and recognise your patterns 

∞ Free yourself from patterns and expand your

    comfort zone

∞ Challenge yourself to try something new and


∞ Dare to take a journey to yourself



…this is what to bring awareness to ground into the practice: 

∞ on the trainer (imitate to clear your head)

∞  on the music (mood/rhythm) 

∞ on breathing 

∞ of encounters/contacts 

∞ on your own inner voice 

∞ at the silence 


... this will be possible "under certain circumstances": 

∞ change in everyday life 

∞ fun and enjoyment of being together 

∞ ah! - adventures 

∞ tingling sensations inside and out 

∞ lived presence 

∞ always rediscover yourself